Stone, Glass And Many Other Things is a practice on the representation of image via a series of collages and photographs. I intend to create such an experience that images can become tangible records of reality when additional layers of information are applied. It originates from two photographs I took, of a set of glassware and of a stone split into two pieces. Glass is a transparent products from consumerism and industrialism; while stone represents onerosity and penetration. By reconstructing the original segments into new image, and photographing the interactions between hands and objects, I not only reconsider the image itself directly but also hope to study how its idealized meaning can be re-interpreted by audiences. The development process indicates how we relate the image representation to the physical existence. The outcomes of this process is a flattened combination of objects and meanings, and a dilution of time and space. Further, I re-developed many of the still-life photographs, striving to compile photographic archives and found objects into a holistic view of image with its representation.

Stage of Glass 1-3, 2019 archival pigment print

Split Stone 1 with Dimensions, 2019 archival inkjet print

Taped Stone, 2019 archival inkjet print

Demonstration (orginal), 2019 archival inkjet print

Demonstration in dictionary, 2020 archival inkjet print

Demonstration (Photos of Demonstration) 2019, inkjet print

Prompting 1-3, 2018-2019 archival inkjet print

Prompting 4, 2019 archival inkjet print