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Ginkgo Seeds, 2018

Ginkgo Seeds is an on-going still life series where I take my further step to explore my surrounding environment and seek oddities from things' intrinsic nature in it. This project is a conversation between me and the objects. I collect things that appeal to me along the street in front of my apartment, or from a coastal hiking trip up north. I add ordinary pieces into the photo set sometimes too. Before each photo I make in my studio, I would like to go out without a plan, just see things out there and I come back with inspirations and objects I want to shoot with. Sometimes when I come back from Chinatown market with some fascinating Chinese medicine and plants, a composition, a mood or even a story reflects in my mind. Other than my daily discovery, inspiration for the concepts and aesthetics of this series also comes from a number of sources, in photographs and other media like paintings, or music. I combine the world nearby I experience and the indirect part I got inspired by together, to blur the boundaries between 3d and 2d in my work.



Flex Series, 2017-2018



beyond “objecthood”

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