Great Sand Dunes  2018

Spices for sale ;) 


Tangerine afternoon, New York, 2015

I am putting together some recombinant fragments from my memories, back to college time, back to time in my hometown in this ongoing series. Some symptoms occurred to me at the end of the summertime this year, I felt myself falling into an illusory limbo that I could dreamt about the old times with awareness of the current moment. I got lost in it, but at the same time all of these felt so real and coherent. Everything recombined spontaneously, and visually appearing to me.

Scene in the picture, New York, 2015
“If someone calls you back, reminder is: Brooklyn blue sky.” 

face and profile (wip, 2018)


Ginkgo Seeds, 2018

Ginkgo Seeds is a still life series where I take my further step to explore my surrounding environment and seek oddities from things' intrinsic nature in it. This project is a conversation between me and the objects. I collect things that appeal to me along the street in front of my apartment, or from a coastal hiking trip up north. I add ordinary pieces into the photo set sometimes too. Before each photo I make in my studio, I would like to go out without a plan, just see things out there and I come back with inspirations and objects I want to shoot with. Sometimes when I come back from Chinatown market with some fascinating Chinese medicine and plants, a composition, a mood or even a story reflects in my mind. Other than my daily discovery, inspiration for the concepts and aesthetics of this series also comes from a number of sources, in photographs and other media like paintings, or music. I combine the world nearby I experience and the indirect part I got inspired by together, to blur the boundaries between 3d and 2d in my work.



Flex Series, 2017-2018



beyond “objecthood”

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