Working Scenes in Ideal House And Unfamiliar Neighborhood, 2019

Traces of Invisibilities is a photographic series that documents traces of lived-in moments in scenes with their contextual surroundings without people. My aim is to examine how perception is colored by conventionality, contradiction, and the mundane within the existence of these objects. I examined multiple kinds of narratives photographed in common environments while others are seemingly tacit moments occurring from a distant perspective without narrative.

I often find myself immersed in such an environment, one where every object in a setting rests without the presence of people. Yet, there are traces of tangible and intangible evidence, both of which sparked my interest, that are left behind and unfold in this photographic series. People and their intents shape the spaces they dominate, and yet, when they are absent, I am still able to envision the interactions between people and their tools, objects, and so forth. I gravitate towards the intangible moments appearing in front of me, regardless of if a clear narrative is immediately present. In this work, each set is as an impromptu study - one where I could indulge myself in endless questioning about the invisibilities that flow within images. “What practice takes place in such a space?” “How do the invisible, intangible moments and tangible, visible space and objects interact and form with each other over time?” I could not prevent myself from pondering -- guessing what lies in the past and what would be the imminent future of each scene. Upon closer examination, the invisible can become traceable. I, as the viewer, can imagine and collect mental snapshots of the activities that happened minutes ago, days ago, weeks later, or even years after. After this analysis, even if I do not have the exact answers to my questions, I’m deeply convinced that these lived moments unfold slowly over time, how they have simultaneously occurring narratives, and are inclined to elapse and intertwine.

Self-published Photobook: Traces of Invisibilities, 2019 (available for purchase email me)

OOO/WFH KIT Either working from home or going out to have fun, we always need to bring some “gadgets” with us: it could be a necessary products, or a kind of mood, or even your infinite imagination. Each kit includes multiple items and can be re-collaged anywhere. In addition to these stickers, each kit has a QR code that links to a mysterious playground with more information and fun. Special project for ProjjectClick Me

Out of Office Kit/Work from Home Kit, 2019

Bungee Cord as An Expansion Joint
Sandbag, handle, cord and magnifier, 2019

Winter Moss, Rock And Icy Lake, 2019

Little Red Roof, 2019

Sniff everything like a cat, 2019 

Goodbye Weapons is a project collaborated by Artists Xi Li and Chengtao Yi.
It is a photo documentation of a speculative toy project, an exploration on a relational aesthetic between weapons, toys and fetishism we have been fascinated by for a long time. The oddly beautiful and obviously sexual robotic toy is essentially a kitbashing with scaled fighter jet model kit parts and posable barbie model legs. A combination of a classic girl toy and a typical boy toy. The fighter jets were modified and coated with a fragile layer of rough color spray and then decorated with military decals. Only rubber bands were used to bond the modified jets with the detached barbie legs. 

Goodbye Weapons, 2018

Calendar for Year 2019  ‘Blessing’
Throughout the lifespan of human history, we learn to quantify time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months. Time is measured in an exact way as we progress through the year. The nature functions similarly: it creates climate and weather as yet another faithful representation of time, which also is the original one. The complexity of the nature brings warmth, sunshine, rain, and snow, thereby gifting us with abundant foods and fruits. We, as part of the nature, should be grateful to the wide collection of edibles the nature gives us. However, the uniqueness and ubiquity of nature has been fundamentally changed by human: the vegetables and fruits which grows in particular seasons and climates remains no longer seasonal and regional.

This calendar seeks to restore such uniqueness and ubiquity of nature by faithfully recording 12 seasonal and local edibles around year to highlight the relationship between nature and us. The Chinese calligraphy “Fu” on the cover means “blessing” and each month has a featured food in season. Printed on 8.5” x 11” Stardust White (Multi-Color Flecked) 65#cover stock. Order here :)

Calendar for Year 2019  ‘Blessing’, 2019

Russian Hill, 2018


Great Sand Dunes, 2018

Tangerine afternoon, 2015/2018

Yesterday Once More 往日再现, 2018-2019
I put together some recombinant fragments from my memories, back to college time, back to time in my hometown in this ongoing series. Some symptoms occurred to me at the end of the summertime this year, I felt myself falling into an illusory limbo that I could dreamt about the old times with awareness of the current moment. I got lost in it, but at the same time all of these felt so real and coherent. Everything recombined spontaneously, and visually appearing to me.



Set A Reminder to Call, 2018 

One Winter, One Summer, 2018

One Day Hangout with Dad, 2018


Face And Profile, 2018

My eyes are irritated, my lips are dry / Mom brings me colorful plastic bag rolls when she visits, 2019

Flex Series, 2017-2018

Ginkgo Seeds, 2018

Gifts from Zhuayi, 2018

Flex Series, 2017-2018

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